Audio programmer

1970-01-01 08:00:00 GuangZhou 1

Job Responsibilities:

1. Development and maintenance of audio functions required in game development;

2. Work closely with the audio team to pursue better audio performance;

3. Development and maintenance of various editors and batch processing tools needed in the daily work of the audio team;

4. Output the development content into a document.

Job requirements:

1. Love games, like music, and have a certain understanding of sound;

2. Solid programming and computing skills (C/C++), able to write cross-platform code;

Willing to learn and improve knowledge related to audio;

4. Familiar with cross-platform game engines like Unity and Unreal;

5. Able to independently analyze tasks and implement them in batches according to the project development rhythm;

6. Major in Electronics/Computer/Mathematics/Physics (Acoustics) or related.

Notes for delivery:

1. To check the latest recruitment information, you can follow the official account, or go to the BOSS zhipin and Pull gou and other websites to search for "Indra Soft"

2. Interested applicants can directly send their resumes to Art and sound positions should be submitted together with their works

3. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Liu: QQ: 986309466