Indrasoft’s third “Play Games” Theme Activity

2021-03-03 10:56:01 admin 42

Starting in February 2021, Indrasoft has launched an in-company competition dubbed “On With the Game”. This in-company, in-game event encourages employees to experience classic games firsthand and win prizes for their efforts. The aim of the event is to lend a greater understanding of core gameplay mechanics and game design methods through some of the greatest titles the gaming world has to offer.


The focus of the third “On with the Game” was “Kingdom Come: Deliverance”. Prizes included a HyperX Nighthawk S head tracking gaming headset, a Nintendo Switch Mario limited set, an Apple Homepod mini smart speaker, and a 150 yuan Steam gift card. Employees earned game creativity points to win prizes.


Indrasoft employees played Kingdom Come: Deliverance over the weekend. By the event’s conclusion, over 200 manuscripts were received. After a public review and vote, 30 pieces were selected from all submissions for the finals, where three winners were finally crowned. After the event, players who won the first prize shared their in-game experience, while aiming to make progress on the games they’re currently developing.


The “On with the Game” event will now be held every month so that employees can experience the best games on offer and continuously hone their own skills in game development.

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