Raziel Season 3 Mutated Demon Land is Here Along with New Content

2019-09-13 20:30:24 R 54

On September 13, Raziel officially began its third season Mutated Demon Land. Let’s see what’s new in this season!


New Season Battle Medal Rewards

New battle medal awards are waiting for everyone: exotic fashions, legendary quality backs, season-exclusive SSS pets, and new mercenaries.

The Magic Lamp Elf is an exclusive SSS pet in Season 3. When the pet skill Magic Lamp's Blessings is triggered, the hero will gain two buffs: skill attack power boost and final damage value increase, lasts 10s, with a 10s CD. The Elf also grants a random Magic Lamp's Blessings. The possible blessings include: invincibility for 5s, energy recovery for 10s, critical strike rate increase for 5s. This skill has a 30s CD.



Abis Demon Land Reset

In season 3, Abis Demon Land has undergone major adjustments. The number of layers will be reset and adjusted:

1) The probability of Primordial Equipment and Primordial Fragment drops have been adjusted for the 76th floor to match floor 151 before the adjustment.

2) Crimson Crystals begin to drop from floor 31, and the difficulty now is equal to floor 61 before the adjustment.

3) Level 60 Ancient sets and ancient legends start to drop from floor 16, and the difficulty is now equal to floor 31 before the adjustment.

4) Abis Demon Land will host a new random monster in the September 19th update. For each level, there is now a chance that a mutant monster will appear. Defeat the monster to get a powerful buff. 

Gawlanders who participated in Abis Demon Land in Season 2 will get 50-100 Abis Demon Keys based on the highest number of passes. The top 500 Gawlanders on the single player ranking will receive extra limited titles and Aeon Ruby Bundle rewards.

Talent & Gear Adjustments

In season 3, the team talent effects of each hero were adjusted to improve swapping between heroes in battle. Talent reduction effects for various characters have been balanced. The sets for each character have also been adjusted accordingly. In Season 3, our aim is to give greater contrast to each hero type and play style. 

Superior Ancient Set Crafting

In Season 3, the Blacksmith Shop will allow Gawlanders to craft Superior Ancient Set.

New Season Exclusive: Universal Set

Added Tavern 6-2 Spider Queen and added 3 sets of Season 3 exclusive gear sets. These sets can be obtained via Guild Resource Wars, Abis Demon Land (level 51+), and Tavern 6-2. The new set is specifically designed for mercenaries. Each set also has a different specialty (output and survival, for example), providing more extensive mercenary customizations.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 3x Drop Rate

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and Season 3, a week long 3x gear drop rate will be available in Abis Demon Land and Infinite Abyss. We wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!

In addition, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a commemorative dungeon [Moonlight Valley] will be added. After completing the quest chain in the dungeon, you can get special mooncakes and a chance to get Superior Ancient Set and Aeon Ruby Bundle. Mooncakes can be exchanged for rewards such as limited titles, Ancient Set Chest and Lucky Magic Stone Pack gift packs!

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