• 2014

    Guangzhou Indra Software Co., Ltd (Indrasoft) was founded in 2014, it is a company specializing in mobile game development and publishing. It has gathered a group of industry veterans and gamers to bring new possibilities to gaming.

  • 2019

    In Just 2019, its first game Raziel was jointly released with Tencent Games. Since then, Raziel has been published worldwide and has been featured in both the App Store and Google Play. Raziel has won wide acclaim from players from around the world.

  • 2020

    November 2020, we upgraded our brand and established a brand new Slogan "From hobby, for yourself", based on games but not just games. In the future, we will gradually explore and strive to become a global entertainment company.


The company currently has around 300 employees, 80% of which are R&D. There are many products under development. The game types include open world, Roguelike, and war chess, etc., with strong multi-line research and development capabilities.

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