Senior UE4 Development Engineer

1970-01-01 08:00:00 GuangZhou 1

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development of game logic functions;

2. Responsible for the development of game tools, perfect and continue to optimize the related tool chain, realize new features, improve the ease of use, research and development efficiency;

3. Responsible for optimization of mobile terminal efficiency.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer;

2. More than 3 years of game client development experience, more than 1 year of UE4 usage experience, SlatUI development experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with C/C++, have a solid foundation in mathematics, data structure and algorithms, and be familiar with common design patterns;

4. Excellent learning and technical research application ability, good teamwork ability, good communication, dedication and concentration;

5. Possess good analysis and problem-solving skills, strong sense of responsibility, high self-management and task follow-up and promotion capabilities;

6. Love the game industry and have a very high spirit of self-pursuing technology.

Notes for delivery:

1. To check the latest recruitment information, you can follow the official account, or go to the BOSS zhipin and Pull gou and other websites to search for "Indra Soft"

2. Interested applicants can directly send their resumes to Art and sound positions should be submitted together with their works

3. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Liu: QQ: 986309466