UE4 Development Engineer

1970-01-01 08:00:00 GuangZhou 1

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for game access to third-party SDK

2. Responsible for the development and maintenance of engine development tools and plug-ins

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, software, etc.;

2. Strong logic, solid mathematical foundation, good data structure and algorithm foundation;

3.Proficient in C++, familiar with a scripting language, familiar with data structure, object-oriented development and design;

4. Familiar with Unreal engine program development, understand ue4 plugins (can accept u3d to ue4).

5. Understand the http protocol

The following conditions take precedence:

1. Familiar with iOS and android platform development experience is preferred;

2. Complete R&D experience in online games or mobile platform games is preferred.

Notes for delivery:

1. To check the latest recruitment information, you can follow the official account, or go to the BOSS zhipin and Pull gou and other websites to search for "Indra Soft"

2. Interested applicants can directly send their resumes to zhaopin@indra-soft.com. Art and sound positions should be submitted together with their works

3. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Liu: QQ: 986309466