Copywriting designer

1970-01-01 08:00:00 GuangZhou 1

Job Responsibilities:

1. Compile the background information of the game world view and structure the plot;

2. Complete the packaging of related functions in the game;

3. Complete the copywriting work;

4. Related work with other departments, such as reviewing the content of the copywriting related to the worldview of the external publicity, compiling and following up the subdivision of the in-game storytelling performance, and so on.

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with the software and table matching work related to game copywriting;

2. Work experience in copywriting and screenwriting is preferred;

3. Graduation in literature related majors is preferred;

4. Prefer to study Western culture, literature or film and television works;

5. Extensive knowledge, good at communication and learning, and humble.

Note: Copywriting designer positions need relevant short text fragments or outlines as a reference for understanding, and the subject should preferably be related to Western culture and literature.

Notes for delivery:

1. To check the latest recruitment information, you can follow the official account, or go to the BOSS zhipin and Pull gou and other websites to search for "Indra Soft"

2. Interested applicants can directly send their resumes to Art and sound positions should be submitted together with their works

3. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Liu: QQ: 986309466