Senior scene artist

1970-01-01 08:00:00 GuangZhou 1

Job Responsibilities:

1. Cooperate with the product art director to develop the game scene style, and output the original scene design template and specification;

2. Participate in specific scene design tasks, review the scene design drafts submitted by the outsourcing, and guide the outsourcing production;

3. Participated in the review according to the scene original design process;

4. Followed up the whole process of the scene, coordinated and controlled the final game effect of the scene;

Job requirements:

1. Graduated from art related major, more than 5 years experience in character original painting design, strong art foundation, European and American style is preferred;

2. Love games, pay attention to game experience, and improve game experience by combining work of this position with products;

3. Have good painting skills, strong ability to design and grasp structure, color, space and atmosphere;

4. Have flexible design thinking with the times, rich imagination and innovation ability, and have high requirements for their own works;

5. Have a strong sense of responsibility, high work commitment, and cooperate with the team to achieve the goal.

Note: Your resume should include work that demonstrates your abilities.

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