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Recruitment Supervisor/Specialist Function class GuangZhou 2021-07-02

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the company's business development and talent recruitment plan, responsible for the recruitment and execution of a certain business line to meet the company's talent introduction needs;

2. Responsible for promoting the daily basic recruitment work, including job analysis, channel maintenance and development, talent resource mining and management, interview arrangement and employment follow-up, etc.;

3. Make full use of various recruitment channels, study recruitment skills and methods, break through the introduction of talents for key and difficult positions, and ensure the completion of various recruitment targets;

4. Responsible for sorting and summarizing recruitment resources to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of various resources and information;

5. Assisted in other temporary recruitment projects.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in HR or related, recruitment experience in game industry is preferred;

2. If you have no experience in the game industry, you will need to understand the recruitment routines of the Internet industry and be able to adapt to the game business quickly;

3. Familiar with the recruitment process of Internet companies, able to skillfully operate various Internet communication tools and office software;

4. Possess certain contrarian thinking, master good communication skills, dig and maintain industry contacts;

5. Good ability to work under pressure.

Organizational Development Manager/Supervisor Function class GuangZhou 2021-07-02

Job Responsibilities:

1. Research on internal and external organizations, combining the development trend of the game industry and the development needs of the company, analyzing the matching degree of the organizational structure and business development, and optimizing the organizational structure and staffing;

2. Assist in organizational management and control, including organizational management and control methodology, diagnosis of management,control problems, analysis of management and control trends and management methods;

3. Informatization and data, including OD/data systems such as organizational structure system online, data analysis such as daily reports, special reports, management efficiency data analysis, feedback insights and suggestions;

4. Assist in the establishment and management of the company's talent standard system, including the post system, sequence system, rank system and ability system;

5. Assist in the establishment of the company's leadership quality model, the establishment of key functional departments and job competency models, special talent training system and its application system; provide professional basis for recruitment, training and performance management.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of work experience, including 1 year or more of cadre management or organizational development experience in medium-sized companies (OD experience);

2. Possess cadre management or organizational development related project operation and promotion experience, participated in or led the planning and implementation of OD&TD projects;

3. Familiar with various talent development tools, and have relevant methodology and practical experience in talent assessment, competence model establishment, core post echelon construction, etc.;

4. Possess strong anti-stress ability, learning ability, communication and coordination ability, plan writing ability, mature and stable.

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