"Raziel" S10 season content preview! Pet conversion is coming soon

2020-11-15 19:59:55 R 335

Season 9 is coming to an end, so let's take a moment to preview Season 10 and the goodies in store! Season 10 brings "Pet Formations" along with a slew of other functions. Read on to see what's in store!

Pet Conversion

Firstly, pet decomposition has been optimized, so all quality pets can return training materials based on their quality and skill level. Decomposing pets will also yield pet fragments according to each type of pet. These pet fragments can be exchanged for other pets of the same series some of which include: Alien Warrior Series, Strongest War Rat Series, Rabbit Doll Series, and the reincarnated 3S pets.

By adjusting pet decomposition and adding new pet exchange events, Gawlanders can quickly and easily convert their pets and enhance their overall training, raising their combat power in the process!


Level 10 Infinite Gems and Magic Stone Inlay Function

In Season 10, level 10 infinite gems will open the 5th gem slot. Gawlanders can obtain more powerful gems after unlocking this slot! We've also decided to add infinite gem inlays to Magic Stones. By activating the slots and inlaying gems, you can further strengthen your hero's combat power and improve your dungeon clearance times!

New Dungeon Gameplay, Multiplayer Magic Chest Rewards

Limited-time boss gameplay in this new season will bring new challenges including level-duel of the king (RANK200). As difficulty increase, the level of loot will increase as well. If you want to know more about the rewards and BOSS information, you need to feel it in the game~ 

The co-op gameplay of Raziel has always been a focus since Raziel’s launch. After considering player feedback, we decided to add a custom clearance chest to the co-cop Abis Demon Land. The chest includes Crimson Spar and Primordial Crimson Crystal clusters, prehistoric crimson crystal clusters, and potential related materials can be said to be quite rich in rewards. Want a chest or two? Well, come team up and challenge Abis!


The above is the first experience content of the S10 season, the final content please refer to the official content.

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