A new version of "Raziel" is here! Check the New gameplay

2021-05-19 19:23:33 R 306

On May 20th, the dark style mobile game "Raziel" will start a new season. In addition to the season exclusive fashion suits in this season, a variety of resource items have been added. At the same time, we have also optimized the Magic Land problems raised by explorers. Here is the new content of Season 13!


In Season 13, a new season-exclusive fashion suit-Steampunk was added. This is a set of fashion looks full of mechanical aesthetics and retro feelings. The cool and rebellious punk style adds a lot of charm to the hero. In addition to the exquisite fashion appearance, the season rewards also include rare items such as SSS pets and legendary gems. At that time, explorers can obtain various resource rewards by upgrading the medal level!


At the beginning of this season, various welfare activities were added. Explorers can win rare rewards while playing the game. Don't miss it!

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