"Raziel" 2nd Anniversary Carnival Begins

2021-06-18 17:46:11 R 288

Raziel has been online for almost two years now! Thanks to all you explorers out there for your company and support. We look forward to creating more memories and joy with you in the future! We have prepared a wealth of rewards and events for the upcoming anniversary. Log in our game's official website to learn more about what we have in store for you!


After four years of development, Raziel inherited the essence of a dark, fantasy culture and restored hack and slash gameplay to mobile. Raziel’s high production value evidenced in its exquisite hero modeling, highly detailed dungeon environments, and immersive audio have pushed the limits on what a mobile game can be.

So come and join us in Raziel’s 2nd Anniversary Carnival! We’ll be doling out the goodies—and you just might get a sneak peek of what we have planned for the future of the Raziel franchise! 

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