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2020-09-10 20:02:21 A 161

It has been a while since we began to develop this game. Here, we want to share our ideas and reveal some details of this game.

Annulus is a fantasy tactical game where you play as a commander of a group of mercenaries, exploring the land of Novusaes with your regiment. On this journey, you must collect resources, improve your regiment, and arrange your soldiers wisely. Only with rich resources, a battle-hardened regiment, and clever strategies can you gain final victory in this conflict of powers.

Our game is developed with UE4 (Unreal Engine 4). In order to realize detailed animations, we have made full use of High-dynamic-range (HDR) rendering. The gradations of light and shade change as time passes by. No matter it's morning, afternoon, or evening, lighting will adapt to the time of day accordingly, immersing players in a fully dynamic environment. 



As the weather changes, the environment changes as well. For example, tree leaves flutter in a gentle breeze, while fireflies glitter on a summer night. We hope these details along bring you vivid and realistic atmosphere.


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