"Raziel" Season 5 Gate of Shuttle Adjustment and Advanced Magic Stone

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Season 5 of Raziel is coming soon. Read on to learn about the adjustment plans for Gate of Shuttle and magic stones!

Currently, Gate of Shuttle is a must-play for Gawlanders in the early stages. In later stages, as heroes and soul lamps max out, Gawlanders usually do not have much motivation to challenge Gate of Shuttle. Many explorers only play it at the end of the season to increase their peak level. Therefore, we decided to adjust the difficulty of the Gate of Shuttle and Hell mode, as well as redistribute clearance rewards to provide more reason to play GoS.

In Season 5, higher difficulty levels in Gate of Shuttle require Gawlanders to reach specified Abis levels to open. The rewards have also been adjusted—the Gate of Shuttle will become an important source of magic stones and filler material. Gawlanders have the chance to obtain various levels of Magic Stones in hard and hell modes. In some chapters, filler material and advanced magic stones can also be found.


Ancient Magic Stones and Primordial Magic Stones will also debut in Season 5. There are three ways to obtain high-level Magic Stones: 

1. Shuttle Gate Hell mode 

2. Another method is to furnace lower level magic stones

3. The final method is to collect enough materials and synthesize one. 

Gate of Shuttle Hell Mode will be one of the most important ways to obtain the synthetic materials for ancient Magic Stones.

The rules for magic stone casting are similar to equipment decomposition. If casting is successful, a higher-level magic stone will be obtained. If casting fails, a magic stone will be returned, and there will be a chance to compensate magic stone synthetic material. The probability will display at the bottom of the casting menu, so Gawlanders can understand the current casting progress.


More advanced magic stones are on the stage, and more advanced filler materials are needed to enhance their power. Season 5 introduces new levels for Magic Stone filler material. Gawlanders can synthesize them from low-level filling materials. Synthesis can increase the material level (I-II-III), but will not affect material quality. The high attribute bonus makes it easier to activate the advanced magic stone characteristics. There are new attributes for filling materials here, such as final damage bonus, and other new attributes (coming soon), providing Gawlanders with yet more matching options.


The above is the first experience content of the S5 season, the final content please refer to the official content.

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