Raziel Season 5 Plans Revealed

2019-11-15 20:26:28 R 55

After we broke the news about the revision plan of Season 5 of Demon Land last week, it triggered extensive discussions among all Gawlanders. In addition to the revised version of the Demon Land, there are many new elements here. Existing gameplay will be optimized. The balance between occupations will be adjusted, and the cost for explorers to switch genres will also be reduced. We sincerely hope that Season 5 lends a fresh experience to everyone. Today, run through the update plans:


1. Optimized 3 sets and talents for each occupation, and improved the relative balance between each occupation.

2. New gear gem conversion function. Gawlanders can convert gear and gem orientations to the desired type, reducing the cost of switching class types.

3. Improved potion types, so that each class type has a matching potion to use.

4. Added more advanced magic stones, which can be obtained through casting and synthesis, and synthetic materials can be obtained through the Gate of Shuttle.

5. Smelt display luck value increased (and progress is displayed).

6. Abis Demon Land has been revamped, and the personal level of Demon Land will become a requirement for opening some gameplay modes (for details, see the previous news).

7. The Dark Realm has been greatly revised, the number of layers has been reduced, and the rewards have been adjusted to new training materials.

8. Adjustment of Hell World map, tavern difficulty, and rewards.

In response to the problems reported by Gawlanders last week, we want to focus on the adjustment plan of the Purgatory World Map.

In season 5, the Hell World map will be adjusted accordingly. The revised Hell Mode will be more difficult and the boss will become stronger. The rewards will be increased, and the boss will have a chance to drop great gear, with higher difficulties matching more generous rewards. At this time, team cooperation is particularly important. Finding the right team can effectively improve the efficiency of killing the boss. Get more chances to kill the boss, and more rewards.


Similarly, tavern difficulty will be increased. It will become necessary to find partners with matching strength to pass each level.


We will strive to bring you more details of the changes in Season soon!

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