Revision plan of Raziel Abis Demon Land Season 5

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Abis Demon land is one of the most important gameplay modes for Gawlanders, and it is also a standard by which players are measured. In order to lend a better experience and provide more motivation in this challenge, Abis Demon Land will usher in a new, major revision next season. Let’s see what’s in store!

Abis Demon Land Level

To make the explorer’s sense of purpose more clear, Abis Demon Land will open at level 60. At the same time, we added the concept of "demon level". When the explorer’s hero reaches level 60, it can be switched on the main menu, showing the Demon Land level. The "War Medal Level" displayed under the explorer's avatar will be replaced with "Demon Land Level", and the War Medal Level will be displayed in another way.


While Abis Demon Land will be adjusted to a single-player challenge mode, Gawlanders cannot rely on other people to level up; they must depend on themselves. Demon Land level will be an important criterion for measuring the strength of fellow Gawlanders.

Division of Abis Demon Land

Abis Demon Realm will be divided into different stages according to level. Each stage has a related growth goal, making explorer’s goals more clear. They can open some highly difficult dungeons only when Demon Land level reaches specified tiers, such as the Purgatory World Map, Tavern 6-1, etc. Gawlanders can gradually open up new ways to play by continuously improving their own power.


Ranking List Revision 

The Demon Land ranking list is undoubtedly the most authoritative cross-server ranking in the game. In addition to working hard to prove their strength, Gawlanders will also refer to the gear and skill info from other Gawlanders on the Demon Land ranking list to help themselves to quickly improve. The revised ranking list will bring more references for players to check.


On the current ranking list , tap on a player to view their current character status (including hero gear, costumes, and skills). The revised ranking list has added [Pass Details], so players can check all details of fellow Gawlanders.

(1) Gear equipped when passing a dungeon (including inlaid gems, enhancement level, random equipment attributes, etc.)

(2) Skill selection, level, and talent bonus points during pass

(3) All relevant info about mercenaries in battle

(4) All relevant info about pets in battle


 [Pass Details] provides more help for Gawlanders, allowing them to refer to top players in order to ascend to the next levels of gameplay!

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