Season 2 "Mercenary Coming" Begins Raziel Mercenary System is Here

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Raziel, developed by Indra and published by Tencent Games, officially released on Android and iOS not long ago. The diversified professional class, rich gear system, and varied dungeon landscapes have all been explored by fellow Gawlanders. In the recent update, new gameplay modes have been introduced. Season 2 began on August 21st.


Season 2 Begins

Season 2 of Raziel debuted on August 1st. The new season also brings a new wave of rewards. Gawlanders can upgrade their medal levels through daily quests and unlock a variety of generous rewards, including the exclusive SSS Pet - Lava Beast for Season 2. It grants heroes fire resistance and also stacking 9 layers can also cause AoE Damage and increase each hero’s skill damage.

In addition to exclusive pets, many new elements have been added to Season 2, such as the new legendary gemstone two-color Jade that increases max. HP. There are also new legendary quality fashion martial arts sets, and exquisite rich rewards such as the costume of the back, the legendary magic stone, as well as exclusive season avatars and titles.


Mercenary Sidekicks

The war triggered by the Undead Legion swept across the entire Central Continent, and the kingdom fell into an unprecedented crisis. The safety of the people could not be guaranteed. This gave birth to a new profession, the mercenary. In Season 2, the mercenary system will be added. Gawlanders can obtain and train mercenaries in game via Mercenary Caskets and other in-game rewards. An excellent mercenary can provide players with a lot of help in battle.

Players can obtain mercenaries through Mercenary Caskets and in-game events. Mercenaries are divided into different ranks. The higher the rank, the higher the growth. In addition, mercenaries can also wear gear. Only one mercenary can accompany you into battle at a time. Mercenaries have two active skills and one passive skill. Choosing the right mercenary can enhance the hero's combat effectiveness. For example, a hero of the final injury class can choose Francis, who possesses the passive skill [Marker], to bring great bonuses to final damage output.



Guild Resource War

Under the shroud of war, Gawlanders from all over the world spontaneously formed guilds. They can fight the undead army by uniting together, and various scarce resources have naturally become sources of contention for various guilds. In Season 2, the Guild Resource War begins. By occupying the resource area, Gawlanders can not only obtain personal rewards, but also accumulate rewards for their Guild. Reward pool items will be converted into currency and shared equally among guild members after an auction.


In Guild Resource War, the more you attack a dungeon, the more resources you can collect. However, dungeons will become more difficult the more often they’re attacked during the war.

Effectively attacking these dungeons to maximize loot, therefore, requires communication between guild members.

Optimized Functions

In addition to mercenary gameplay, many functions have also been optimized and iterated. For example, the exchange UE has been updated, and players can quickly find the gear shards they need. We’ve also added an automatic pet feeding function, so Gawlanders no longer need to worry if their pet will suddenly stop picking up loot in dungeons. In addition, in response to the needs of players, a warehouse system has been added to help players temporarily store unused gear and prevent players from accidentally dismantling items they wish to keep.

Thanks for all of the feedback so far! We will continuously optimize the gameplay to create a better gaming experience for everyone.

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