Raziel Season 4 Update Content Preview

2019-10-22 20:28:26 R 58

Season 4 of Raziel is coming soon! Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s in store!

New Gear Set Ancient Outfit and professional equipment Adjustments

A new set of Primordial Gear for each class: Primordial Frost, Primordial Soul, Primordial Bloodstain, Primordial Guardian, and Primordial Darkness. We’re also making appropriate adjustments to the Soul, Bloodstained, Guardian, and Diablo Sets so that they can better adapt to the new version of the magical realm and optimize individual professional skills and talents.

Abis Demon Land Revised

In Season 4, Abis Demon Land was adjusted and reset. Four types of Demon Land buffs were added to help explorers challenge it more effectively. The special Goblin monster has also been added to the fray. Kill it for a chance to obtain more advanced ancient gear.

New Battle Medal 

Season 4 Battle Medal. A brand new season exclusive reward is now waiting for Gawlanders to obtain! 

New season exclusive fashion-guide


New season exclusive: SSS Pet - Tombstone Gargoyle


New season exclusive back ornaments - Invocation Banners, Ghost Hands


Fashion Illusion Function Added

Gawlanders enter the illusion menu in the illusion furnace, and choose fashion materials they own to activate the illusion illustration book. Under the Appearance Metamorphosis tab, explorers can freely match their favorite fashion appearances without affecting the fashion attributes worn on the gear menu. This new function separates fashion attributes from appearances, allowing for more hero customization without sacrificing build qualities.



Other Optimizations

1. Adjusted the strength of bio-rat to a reasonable gain range. 

2. Fixed known issues 

(PS: This is a content preview. For the final version of such updates, please refer to actual in-game effects.)

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