Raziel Season 5 Begins

2019-12-26 21:03:00 R 64

Season 5 “Skeletal Frenzy” officially went live on December 26th. Not only will new content be offered in this season, but classes have been adjusted and many key features of the game have been iteratively upgraded.


Season 5 Debuts With New Content

The theme of Season 5 is “Western Cowboy”. After your hero equips this fashion, he instantly transforms into a hardy and fearless gunslinger. In proper wild wester style, Alina becomes a hardened cowgirl veteran, instead of the naïve mage we once knew.


In order to match the western theme, this season also specially designed the corresponding pet-Cactus Fighter, with a powerful skill [Cactus Boxing]. it is to increase the basic attack power.


In addition to new clothes and new pets, new training materials and gear will also debut in Season 5. For example, new ancient Magic Stones and high level filler materials can be synthesized from lower level filler. There are also new filler material attributes, such as bonus damage.

Class Adjustments and Conversion System

More than 15 profession classes will be optimized and adjusted, and new set attributes will be adapted for the new version and its environment. Legendary gear will be further strengthened, as well. When properly match, get can lend a 1+1 > 2 effect, allowing Gawlanders more latitude when mixing and matching gear.


Season 5 will also open a gear and gem conversion system, allowing for Gawlanders to further refine their gear and gems according to their favorite classes and talent trees. After converting, original gear attributes, gem slots, etc. are still retained. Only orange entries or set effects are changed. Now gear that may not have been ideal for your build can now be tuned into a useful set. Gem conversion runs along the same principles.

Fully Upgraded Dungeons, New Battles

In Season 5, the experience of each dungeon has been further tweaked. According to the environment of Season 5, the difficulty of each dungeon has been adjusted. Players now have clearer paths to blitz dungeons to farm for the mats they need.


Dark Realm has also been re-designed in Season 5. The revised Dark Realm will open when Abis Demon Land reaches a high tier. Synthetic materials and upgrade materials for Infinite gems for higher players. Floors will be compressed to 10 only, shortening the time it takes to climb the tower. Each layer will be re-made, bringing novel challenges to more experienced players.

In addition to Dark Realm, the rest of the dungeons have also been adjusted. The wild boss of Hell World has become more powerful, and will also drop more Ancient gear. Higher difficulties are now matched with higher rewards. Tavern has also been adjusted to bring new challenges while also reducing the time it takes to complete. The Gate of Shuttle has also become a key source for ancient/prime magic stones and advanced filler materials in Season 5. In addition to the content above, there will also be infinite gems and prehistoric gear sets.

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